Description of Hello Astro Starter

This is multi-purpose Astro starter template based on the following:

It follows the JAMstack architecture by automatically building a static version from the Git repository. The demo is deployed on Github Pages.

Hello Astro can used for any/all of the following:

  • corporate/marketing site
  • blog
  • documentation site
  • portfolio site supporting photo galleries

This starter is open source (MIT licence) - fork it and customise for your needs.


  • Full-featured blog with frontmatter (title, description, author, date, image, tags)
  • High performance low overhead with minimal Javascript (AlpineJS)
  • Full text client based search of blog pages via lunrjs (search index only loaded on first invocation of search on a page)
  • Index page and individual pages for authors, categories and tags, including pagination
  • Support for RSS feed, sitemap and robots.txt
  • SVG design (unDraw, Hero Patterns, Iconify)
  • Support for code syntax highlighting
  • Full SEO support including Open Graph, Twitter Cards and Schema.org via JSON-LD
  • Full support for Light and dark UI modes, as well as following system preferences, in accordance to TailwindCSS recommendation
  • Customised 404 error page
  • Display math equations using KaTeX via remark-math/rehype-katex (enclosed in $$ or $$$$)
  • Display Mermaid, Markmap, PlantUML diagrams (authored as a code block with language mermaid, markmap and plantuml)
  • Display map at geo coordinates and zoom level using Map component (need to also include extra: ['map'] is frontmatter to load CSS/JS assets for page)
  • Calculates and show reading time for blog posts
  • CSS/JS assets of external libraries loaded only when needed on a per page and per package basis - no unnecessary bloat
  • Photo gallery and lightbox using PhotoSwipe (including display of EXIF tags)
  • Carousel component using Swiper
  • Documentation pages (modelled after astro docs starter but using Tailwind)